Saturday, October 6, 2007

Catching up with my rest

I have been sleeping soooo much lately. Well, I feel as though I've been rippin' and running all week long, and only got about 5 hours worth of sleep each night. That was not enough! Thursday evening, I was envited to Porche Beverly Hills store, located @ 2Rodeo Dr., BHCA. It was a Tequila Reserva De Don Julio tasting party. It was nice. I met some very interesting people, and got a chance to hang out with a friend, Wendy Krueger(DOC of The LUXE Hotel Rodeo Dr.) So, needless to say, when I walked into the house, leaning to the side and limping from walking up and down the cobblestone paved streets of 2Rodeo Dr. that evening, I just knew that I wasn't going anywhere on Friday. I got home and threw some water up and ran under it(no, not really! I take very long showers because I so love water) and fell backwards into my bed. I must have slept 10 hours! Whew! Then I got up, ate my leftover Salmon w/potatoes in a creme sauce(ala Spago Beverly Hills - Wolf Gang Puck's joint). It was delicious. Then crawled back into bed, and didn't wake up until Oprah.

Until the next time...C

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