Saturday, February 9, 2008

Allensworth, CA: An all Black Community

Colonel Allensworth was a man with a vision. He actually created the first and only all Black township called Allensworth, CA in 1908.

Yesterday, Shirley and I took a very comfortable ride on an Amtrak train, to Allensworth Historical Park( for the day. It was like a coming home, or family reunion. People came from everywhere, and we swopped stories of our families, food, children dancing and having potato sack races and all kinds of games and activities for everyone. Every nationality was there, and it was so nice. It reminded me of a time, not so long ago, when WE loved each other...
Ms. Hackett was born in the house that we visited yesterday(;
She took us all on a tour of the property.
(The first school in Allensworth was taught by her Mother and Aunts back in 1909.)
Ms. Hackett, and others, took the time to re-educate the young and old.
I have adored her for years. She said to always strive for higher ground.
You know what I mean?
She's having a book signing event May 17, 2008, so get your Amtrak tickets(Please contact Mr. Victor Carter, (661) 633-1577 or at he can tell you what code to give Amtrak, so that they will stop at the trainstop in Allensworth,CA. Otherwise, I kid you not, the train will not stop. Thanks Amtrak for accommodating us!

Try and make it to Allensworth, CA., for the book singing event! You won't be sorry...

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