Thursday, February 14, 2008

Aretha Franklin - The Queen of Soul Still Reigns

My cousin Ralonda and I got a chance to attend one of the BEST concerts of all times. Tell me if you can guess what song this is -
"What you want? Baby I got it! What you need? - you know I got it! All I want you to do for me..."
The second song that makes me sway back and forth is - well, try and guess it. It starts out with, "I got a phone call from my sister Carolyn. She said, Gotta find me an Angel..." Oh my goodness! Then she sang 'My Funny Valentine' and 'Bridge Over Troubled Water', just to name a few. Yes, you guessed it!
I just heard Aretha Franklin sing those songs LIVE, just an hour or so ago, at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles(NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE), to a multi-cultured crowd, completely jam packed audience. People were standing up and dancing in the isles. She even did a few new songs that are on her newest album. I can't wait to buy it.

She was excellent!

Aretha Franklin is a great American Icon, and she was in our midst this evening, and we all showed her how much we appreciated her Soulful sound.
Speaking of which, the Good Roland Bynum and his wife Carolyn, along with Jacquie Stephens, were sitting to my left. Roland Bynum is a true Professor of musicology. He is also Smokie Robinson's nephew.
What a great mentor and a community activist in the LA area. Both he and Jacquie Stephens make sure that the community at large, is engaged in conversation relating to current events that are taking place every day. Along with Dominique DiPrima, who hosts 'Front Page' every morning(an excellent talk show that encourages one to "Free their minds"and to remember that knowledge is power), positively represent KJLH Radio - 102.3 on your FM dial(
Thank you Thomas Owens, for truly letting your word be your bond.
What an amazing Staff over at KJLH Radio. Stevie Wonder, not only are you an American Icon, you are a brilliant man. The world is a better place because of your contributions - Globally. Believe that.

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