Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our Authors Study Club Black History Tour 2009

It was pouring down raining this morning when Shirley Smith and I got up and got ready for the Annual Black Historical Tour of Los Angeles.
We had to be at Consolidated Realty at 7:30am, to get aboard Dr. Genevieve Shepherd's bus! If one can get the opportunity to take the tour - which occurs every year on the first Saturday in February - count yourself very fortunate!
Today we saw several groups perform - the youth of today sang so eloquently. Professor Toni had several people recite different quotes from historical figures(Biddy Mason, Princess Calafia, etc.) and it was lovely!
There were a few bumps in the road today, but we overcame them and won't even mention them...
We also took a trip to the second oldest Fire Station -
Fire Engine Co. # 30, located at 14th and Central. It is now a Fire Station Museum.

Captain Brent Burton gave an eloquent lecture w/ slides dating back to the 1850's regarding Men & Women of Color Fire Fighters.
You owe it to yourselves to stop by the Fire Station. It's open to the public!

Dr. Shepherd, I'd like to thank you, once again, for all of the love that you continue to shower upon your people. You are truly a remarkable woman, and I say hats off to you lady!


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