Friday, March 20, 2009

Michael Jackson's Press Concert in London

Stop hating. Michael Jackson sold out 50 concerts in London, UK - where the good ole' British Sterling/Pound is valued.

Why, you might ask.

If one has ever had the fortune of seeing Michael Jackson perform live, one would know that he gives you your monies worth – and them some.

I clearly remember seeing the TRIUMPH concert, 4th row, center seat. All of the Jackson brothers performed. It was soooo live! People were fainting because they could not believe that they were actually watching such an outstanding performance!
The Jackson’s gave every concert attendee a performance that they would never ever forget, believe that.

You see, it’s like a science or a mathematical equation;
M/J(ABC/Ben/Rock With You/Thriller/Billie Jean)+Rhythm(Soul/Rock) =
An American Icon.

It appears as though the American soil that he was born on and the people, who used to love him, have turned their backs on him. Great Britain seems to be able to distinguish between his personal life and his God given talent. He is an American that represents true talent. I’m not going to “toss the first stone” at him, I’m just going to the U.K. and enjoy watching him do his thing.

Michael Jackson

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