Monday, April 20, 2009

It Feels Like 90° °F

"Turn off the lights, and just peak out the corner of the window - don't open the curtains!" Those were wise words coming from my Grand Mother - I called her "Sweetie".
You see, my brother and I were in the habit of trying to look out the window and see why our neighbors were arguing - again.
In our household, there weren't very many arguments(that we children ever heard) and as a result, when we heard our neighbors arguing, we wanted to listen. Just being nosy. It was fun! My Grand Mother was an expert snooper. She knew exactly how to look and listen without being noticed by those who where involved in the heat of the night. Yes, the night. It seemed as though this particular husband and wife would always seem to find a reason to fight when it was really hot out side - usually 90°F, or hotter.
It seems as though they couldn't wait for the sun to set before embarking on a heated debate. The topics? Usually sports or politics...

My Sweetie passed on over 25 years ago. But, I remember
her advice. To this very day, if I hear someone arguing, I know to turn off the lights and peak through the sides of the curtains (blinds). Just the way that she use to.

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