Friday, May 1, 2009

Black Business Expo - 20th Anniversary

There are truly some wonderful events happening in the Greater Los Angeles Community this weekend.

Today starts the beginning of the 20th Anniversary of
The Black Business Expo in Los Angeles, CA (

It is being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center -
1201 Figueroa St., LA, CA.

Barbara Lindsey founded the Black Business EXPO back in 1989. Ms. Lindsey felt that there was a need to encourage African Americans to concentrate on building their own businesses. As a result, Black Businesses have grown rapidly in Los Angeles, CA.

Harold Hambrick (CEO, BBX) works closely with Mayor Antonio Villariagosa as well as Mayor Dorn of Inglewood, to promote the very necessary EXPO in the Greater Los Angeles area. Stevie Wonders' Radio Station, will be on hand with Jacquie Stephens conducting the 9th annual Womens Health Forum. I just love Jacquie Stephens!

The talented Wendy Raquel Robinson, along with Bill Duke attend and actively support the BBX, meeting and shaking hands with the residents of CA.

The Black Business Expo demonstrates that everyone is included; Black, White, Red, Yellow and Brown. Come and see for your self! You will be pleasantly amazed....

I'm running out the door now to get to the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony...

Hope to see you there!

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