Friday, September 18, 2009

I Can Still Remember His Voice....

Today is the eighth anniversary of my father's death. He died exactly one week, to the day, after the 911 chaos that took place in New York, back in 2001. I couldn't get to him because he was in Chicago. He was such a strong man, having survived a major car accident that left him a quadriplegic from the age of 27. My Dad died from the complications related to being a quadriplegic - kidneys, liver and all major organs started shutting down.
I was told that he was one of the oldest living quads in the United States.
He and my Mother married quite young, and had 4 children. Thank goodness that my parents were very expressive and always made sure to tell every last one of us regularly that they loved us. Oh, Dad, I can still remember your voice! You used to tell me all the time that I was the light in your heart and the apple of your eye and the prettiest child you'd ever seen and that I was a lucky child that had survived so much health wise, before even knowing that I existed! I'd say, "Daddy, I'm auditioning for a Cheer Leader!"
( I was Captian of the Cheer Leaders in Jr. High and Captian of the Pep-Squad and Co-Captian of the Cheer Leaders in High School). And he said, "You'll get it because you are beautiful and can dance, Baby Doll!"
He would have a story to connect with whatever it is that we were talking about. He said, "Did I ever tell you of the time when you were about 8 months old, and your Mom and I were playing some Motown, and we had you sitting on the couch while we danced, and we looked over at you, just bopping to the beat of the song, and when we stopped dancing to watch you, you actually kept on bouncing and winked at us! I said to your Mom, "Tuffy, did she just wink at us?" and your Mom said, " Yes! She did!" and we laughed - but you kept on dancing and smiling in your little spot on the couch! Oh yes, Baby, so don't ever let anyone tell you you can't don't anything because you are big - you fat but you fine, Baby Girl! Now, do your thing!"
Yes, I'm still doing my thing...

Although you are physically no longer of this earth, I can still feel your presence in my heart.


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paulus thakur said...

Thank you very much . I really appreciate. I too feel that my father is present all around me and inside me. Thank you for your words.