Sunday, September 6, 2009

Time to Sell Some Ghetto Heaven

Well you all, summer is ending, and this is the last holiday weekend, so get out there and do your thing! Speaking of summer, I remember the summer of 1989, when I discovered two different soulful groups that got me on my feet dancing everytime I heard them perform - via radio or in concert.

I don't know which group or song that makes me remember the summer of 1989 in London, England more memorable - Soul II Soul or The Family Stand.

It was the summer that I moved to London as a foreign exchange student, sponsored by CitiCorp, with a work permit in hand. Oh, LSE was such a nice campus to be docked at, and as a B.U.N.A.C. student, we had a blast!

I arrived during Carnivale, which is celebrated in an area called Notting Hill Gate. Some friends who live there had invited us to park our heels under their table, and we stepped just outside their gates, and watched the entire Carnivale celebration, and it was amazing!

Well, I've been searching for this song in the USA, for so long until I'd all but given up! Well, a FaceBook Friend, a DJ named Kevin Healey of Cheltinham, United Kingdom, recently found this song for me by The Family Stand.

Some of my British friends would call it a "Rare Groove". It's called Ghetto Heaven.
The lyrics go like this, "You know I love my baby. My baby loves me...I need a little Ghetto Heaven. Nana likes brandy, especially peach, she keeps it by the radio and listens to the revelry. It's 10:07, it's time to get some ghetto heaven...."

Then you hear James Brown ( The God Father of Soul) in the background grunting, and the beat is just so soulful until I just have to get up and start swaying to the beat!

Oh, the summer of '89 was truly a summer to remember. What was your favorite summer to remember? I'd love to know all about it!

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