Thursday, February 10, 2011

Land of Promise: The Story of Allensworth

I will never forget the first time that I read about Colonal Allen Allensworth, who founded the self sufficient all Black Township of Allensworth - illegally educating himself and totally believing in Self Determination. Colonal Allensworth was a man that created ways out of situations when sometimes it looked like there was no way out. Colonal Allensworth dedicated his life to creating the kind of world that was inclusive of African Americans, carving a nice slice of the American Dream out of a piece of land in California. Colonal Allensworth survived being held in captivity, escaping being enslaved, fighting for his freedom in the military, climbing the ranks and being the highest ranking African American commissioned officers in the all Black 24th Infantry Regiment commissioned by President Grover Cleaveland. Colonal Allensworth never developed an inferiority complex, never accepting that Blacks were "less than"; during his lifetime, he dealt with all kinds of adversity and rose above it, even being the second colored Chaplain in the Army.
For more information, please read Alice C. Royal's book entitled: "Allensworth, The Freedom Colony -
A California African American Township" and please get in contact with, The Friends of Allensworth - The San Diego Chapter # 12
The video is produced by Pamela Harris Productions via You Tube.

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