Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Black Business Association Honors Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn @ City Club On Bunker Hill, LA, CA

Last evening, the Black Business Association, held a private reception for The Honorable Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn, at City Club On Bunker Hill.

There was a wonderful turnout of people from all across the USA, there to welcome Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn, who was nominated as a member of the Federal Communications Commission on June 25, 2009, and sworn in by the President of the United States, and confirmed by the U.S. Senate for a five year term, which runs until June 30, 2012. President Obama, swore in Commissioner Mignon Clyburn on August 3, 2009.

Commissioner Clyburn has a long history of public service and dedication to the public interest. Currently, Commissioner Clyburn is the publisher and general manager of The Coastal Times, a Charleston-based weekly newspaper that focused primarily on issues affecting the African American community. She owned and operated the family-founded newspaper following her graduation from the University of South Carolina, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Banking, Finance & Economics.

Prior to her swearing in as Commissioner, Ms. Clyburn served for 11 years as the representative of South Carolina’s sixth district on the Public Service Commission of South Carolina (PSC).
She was sworn in for her first term in July 1998, and was subsequently reelected in 2002 and 2006. She served as chair of the PSC from July 2002 through June 2004.

For more information regarding BBA, please contact Earl 'Skip' Cooper, II
President and CEO of BBA
323-857-4600 or -

It was an honor to meet so many amazing people -Assemblymember Steven C.Bradford, former FCC Commissioner, Rachelle Chong, Vice President of Government Affairs, California Region - Comcast Cable, Kim Anthony, President of Urban Leadership Network, from the Honorable Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa's office - Linda Smith, Managing Director, Public & Private Partnerships, Office of Economic & Business Policy - Small Business, James V. Burks, Special Projects, Community Arts Division and Marilyn F. Solomon, MBA OBE, Solomon Leadership Foundation SLF, Honorable Judge Kevin Ross and the lovely Marva Smith Battle Bey, Executive Director of the Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation.

I'd like to thank Steven D.Turner, managing director, Slaton Group - for the invite - it was a lovely!
Angela Kronenberg - Wireline Legal Advisor, Office of Commissioner Mignon L.Clyburn, you are awesome!



CallaStyle said...

Thanks Carla. I wasn't aware of her appointment. This is GREATNESS!

Carla Thomas said...

You're welcome, CallaStyle! Yes, this is a great thing!. C