Saturday, October 22, 2011

CareNow/LA - Oct 21, 2011

"Two-time Daytime Emmy®Award-Winning Host, Dr. Mehmet Oz...At The Largest Free Clinic Of Its Kind"

It was "Dark-Thirty" in the morning when we all arrived at the LA Sports Arena, on Friday.
What I mean is, the sun hadn't even come out yet.  We looked around, and who do you think was standing there in his scrubs, motivating the multi-faceted medical staff who had volunteered to help the 5,000+ people who waited in line patiently last Monday (Oct 17, 2011) to get the wristbands that would allow so many to receive free medical, dental and vision care Thursday - Sunday
(Oct 20-23, 2011).
The team were in full force with Dr. Mehmet Oz spending the day at the LA Sports Arena - yes Honey, Dr. Oz was in the house!

 It came as no surprise to find out first hand, how truly passionate and sincere Dr. Oz is regarding helping all of us, one person at a time, to become the best me, excuse me,
I meant to say, the best WE that WE can be! Nationwide, Americans are wrestling with diabetes, obesity, hyper-tension - all major issues that Dr. Oz is consciously taking people by the hand and making sure that they understand that this life we are living, is not a dress rehearsal. For real though...

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and his incredible Staff, are making sure that for the very first time, there will be follow-up appointments at the various clinics in the County of Los Angeles, for so many people; Don't get me wrong, the free health clinics are wonderful - but you mean to tell me there will be follow-up appointments made as well? Snap-Snap!- Say what?!) it was a new twist to a fabulous dance that we thought we already knew!

Do yourself a favor, take a moment and look around you. Do you like what you see? If so - great! Then you will learn to fine-tune what it is that you are doing that makes your life work for you.
If not, then you are going to be enlightened by truth. We all know that the truth will set you free!
Dr. Oz  is on weekdays -  Monday - Friday on KABC (LA, CA) -  3:00pm - 4:00pm PST.

Love & light,
(All photos and quotes in reference to Dr. Oz are taken from CareNow/LA, and are the sole property of , Sony Pictures, ABC7 Dr. Oz Show

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