Friday, October 21, 2011

CareNowUS.ORG - Day 2 of the 4 Day, Free Medical, Dental and Vision Care in LA

Today is day 1 of 4 for free medical, dental and vision care to anyone who waited in line on Monday, Oct 17,2011, at the LA Sports Arena. Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and his excellent Staff, have been hands on since day one - They are on it! There are so many wonderful volunteers from various educational institutions, professional Dr's and RNs, LVNs and more, who have shown up and are here to help.

Thursday, Oct 20, 2011, there were 1,030 people were assisted.
Friday, Oct 21, 2011, many more will be assisted. The doors will open and many more will be taken care of, and there will be follow-up appointments as well. 

It is a beautiful thing when people from all walks of life, can go to a safe haven and receive the best dental, medical and vision care in the country!
The people who comprise 
really do care about the thousands of people that they assist. Over the next 3 days, thousands of people will receive the medical assistance that they really need. 

Today, we need more Dentists. If you or anyone you know can volunteer, please contact
- We need you!
(Photographer: Mohammed Al-Rawi. All photos are the sole property of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas)

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