Monday, February 13, 2012

Pan African Art & Film Festival| Slavery by Another Name ~ Douglas A. Blackmon| Bernard & Shirley Kinsey = Kinsey Collection

Whitney Houston 2012
This past weekend was full of ups and downs. First off, I'd like to give my condolences to Whitney Houston's Family. Another one gone too soon....

This past weekend at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival,
I got a chance to see some really good films! One in particular was called,
"Slavery by Another Name", Douglas A. Blackmon.
Do yourself a favor and stop on over @ The RAVE Theater now through February 20, 2012 and see some really outstanding films, meet some really great people and enjoy the Art and Food that is offered.

Be sure to tune in to the PBS Premiere of  "Slavery by Another Name",
based upon the book, "Slavery by Another Name", written by
Douglas A.Blackmon. Dr. Bernard and Shirley Kinsey are in the documentary and believe me, there is a very compelling story behind it!
Question: Did slavery in the USA end for African Americans in 1865? 1900? 1970? Is it still in existence?
That is the million dollar question....Tune in to the documentary and let's talk afterwards. Love & light, Carla

(all photos are the property of PBS, Douglas A. Blackmon, Bernard & Shirley Kinsey Collection. No copy write infringement intended.)

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