Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mario Canali Art Exhibit @ DAC Gallery - 3.10.12 - 4.6.12

Iconica - Mario Canali
Mario Canali, a native of Monza,Italy (15 km north-northeast of Milan, Italy) experienced success very early in his career.
In 1975, Mr.Canali stepped on to the Italian Art scene with his first solo exhibit as a painter, then shortly there after,
combining his knowledge of electronic and digital art, he and his colleagues,
Flavia Alman, Sabine Reiff and Riccardo Sinigaglia,
collaborated as a part of the Correnti Magnetiche Research and Electronic Art Group,
 thus creating 3-D Animations which earned the group international acclaim, earning awards at Siggraph in Los Angeles, CA., Arts Electronica in Linz,
Imagina in Monte Carlo, and Nastro d'Argento in Rome.
In 1989, they were awarded the L'Immagine Elettronica Prize in Ferrara for his pioneering work in electronic art.
Mr. Canali eventually teamed up with Computer Scientist Marcello Campione (1993) to create a revolutionary virtual reality for artistic and expressive purposes called Satori.
The innovative works of Satori lead Mario Canali to team up with Elio Massironi,
a renowned psychologist as well as with furniture designer Leonardo Aurelio, to create interactive installations capable of sensing psycho-physical parameters which then expressed that data as displays of light, sound images and video.

There will be some really interesting pieces of Art work, this weekend, @ DAC Gallery, you can stop in, meet Mario Canali and view some really visually stimulating Surreal Art!
 In my opinion, Mario Canali is 
to Surrealism,
what Placido 
Domingo is to Opera Honey Child!
See you there, Smooches, C

Sponsored by: The Italian Institute of Culture of Los Angeles (IILCLA)
AVATARS Talk About Life - Mario Canali

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