Saturday, December 1, 2012

Let The Kids Grow Foundation - Children Are Our Present And Our Future

It truly is a remarkable thing when you have someone who is actually in your corner, and they prove it by their actions.

That's what Simin Hashemizadeh and Percy "Master P" Miller, founders of
Let The Kids Grow Foundation, are doing for our youth. No rhetoric. Straight up action.

This remarkable team (Simin H. and Percy "Master P" Miller) decided to start a foundation that positively causes change in a child's life immediately, through a safe after-school program.
Know thy Self = Equipping the children with knowledge, thus empowering our youth with the proper skills that they need to excel.

Let The Kids Grow Foundation is a non-profit organization that is putting their actions into words. Please support their efforts. After all, the children are our present and our future!

Pm Saturday, Dec 1, 2012, Simin Hashemizadeh and Percy "Master P" Miller are honoring Tyler Perry, Nick Cannon, UsherRomeo MillerDwight HowardKirstie Alley, Big Boy,
Dr. Ralph Mayer and Dr. Shahrad Rahban, at a Black Tie Celebrity Dinner, at a private location in Beverly Hills.
Here's hoping that your heart will compel you to reach into your wallet and support such a worthy event. For details, please contact: or email them @

Let The Kids Grow Foundation's Black Tie Celebrity Event 12.1.12
Love & light to you!

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