Friday, January 4, 2013

Flip Side of 2013 - w/ Eric Clapton and BB King ~ Live

There is nothing more wonderful than waking up in the morning, to the sound of the birds chirping.
 I promise you, I love it. You know what? Come rain or come sunshine, no matter what the weather is like, the fact that I am rising another day, with my sanity, health and strength? Hey it's all good! So, I'm saying all of this to say that no matter how 2012 was - good or bad - you made it through to another glorious year, and truly, it's what you make of it. My advice? Put on some really good choice for today? BB King and Eric Clapton...Yeah....

Create some positive affirmations that you read/recite daily. Make sure that you take the time to commune with the preference? Being kissed by the sun....Go out and get the thrill of your life!
Love & light,
(Youtube: Johvan Stojanovic 2010)

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