Thursday, February 28, 2013

African American History Month - Herb J. Wesson Jr. & Bernard & Shirley Kinsey Collection @ The Barrett Art Gallery & The Broad Stage

This evening, Bernard & Shirley Kinsey, in conjunction with Santa Monica College Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery, will have a Multi-Media Presentation @ The Barrett Art Gallery & Broad Stage. The Cultivators by Samuel L. Dunson Jr. and the curator is Khalil Kinsey. This is a presentation that you will not want to miss. Dr. Bernard Kinsey is a brilliant, masterful orator of African American history. Make sure to reserve a ticket now! 310.434.3200 &

Just the other day, I got a chance to stop by an excellent exhibit at Los Angeles City Hall. Herb J.Wesson Jr. and his staff, with Albert E. Lord III as Deputy, created an amazing compilation, touching on so many different elements related to the contributions that African Americans have made in this beautiful country that we call the United States of America!...I'm just sorry that I hadn't heard of the exhibit earlier!...

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