Thursday, April 25, 2013

West Coast Urban Ballroom Gents - Third Annual Black & White Ball "Harlem Nights Revisited"

This Saturday, April 27, 2013, The West Coast Urban Ballroom Gents are having their Third Annual Black & White Ball and this year's theme is "Harlem Nights Revisited." Meet the Gentlemen of the West Coast Urban Ballroom Gent: James "Rocky" Hubbert, Gent: Charles Dean, Gent: Reggie Lewis, Gent: Roger Franklin, Gent: Eric Weaver, Gent: Curtis White, Gent: Victor Brown, Gent: Roy Dennis, Gent: Sam Elijah.

The "West Coast Urban Ball Room Gents", Inglewood, CA
ABCs "Dancing With The Stars" seems to get that much more fun and exciting each Season. Oh, but this Season - 16?  Off the charts! Did you watch it? There's so many fabulous routines, and Andrea Bocelli, and Stevie Wonder were on the show, and it was awesome! Now, what I suggest one do is to put on your tux, have your Lady dress up in her fabulous ballroom gown, put some curls in some bouncy hair, get those lovely to die for heels on, purchase a ticket to the "West Coast Urban Ballroom Gents"
Black & White Ball, Harlem Nights Revisited, and hit the floor, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire Style!

Harlem Nights Revisited - Black & White Ball 4.27.2013
You've got to know that there is truly a certain style and class that goes along with what it is that the
"West Coast Urban Ballroom Gents" bring to the dance floor. There's going to be a fabulous evening, dancing the night away!

You can reach Roy Dennis on Twitter @Ballroomroy or FaceBook Roy Dennis, and West Coast Urban Ballroom Gents.


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