Tuesday, August 13, 2013

LA Premiere of Lee Daniels 'The Butler' Starring an All Star Cast ~ 8.12.2013

Ms.Oprah was on the Red Carpet  at the Regal LA LIVE Stadium
this evening, in downtown Los Angeles - doing the Darn Thing!
GO Oprah!
Oprah Winfrey on the Red Carpet in Los Angeles, CA
(Photography by Richard Darryl Nichols)
Lee Daniels has an excellent film coming out in a theater near you on August 16, 2013- entitled, "The Butler" Written by Danny Strong and Wil Haywood., a period film based on the book, based on the life of
Mr. Eugene Allen.
Wil Haywood put to pen the book,
"A Butler Well Served by This Election".
It is astonishing that Mr.Eugene Allen - a man/husband/father - worked in the White House as a Butler for 34 years, achieving the highest level of
 Maitre d', serving 8 Presidents:
President Lyndon Johnson, President Richard Nixon,
President Gerald Ford, President Jimmy Carter,
President Ronald Reagan,
President George H. W. Bush,
President Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush,
and the highlight? President Barack H. Obama.
 "That's the man, he said, as he watched
 President Barack H. Obama being sworn into office in 2008. "Whew, I'm telling you, it's something to see. Seeing him standing there, it's been worth it all."
Yes. Mr.Eugene Allen, who lived to be a "Mighty One" - 90 years of age, laid down with our ancestors in 2010. I salute you, and the men like you, Mr. Eugene Allen, who paved the way for our generation. Rest in Peace.

The film has an all star cast:
Forest Whitaker
Oprah Winfrey
Mariah Carey
John Cusack
Jame Fonda
Cuba Gooding,JR.
Terrence Howard
Lenny Kravitz
James Marsden
David Oyelowo
Vanessa Redgrave
Alan Rickman
Liev Schreiber
Robin Williams
Clarence Williams III
Hats off to The Weinstein Company

My opinion? - And you already know I have one ~
This is truly a "Must See" film that shows how America, "The Beautiful",
 is comprised of people who have True Grit. We've got some issues to work out amongst( yes, I'm using my Grandfather's word)  ourselves, but through and through, we'll work 'em out.

Go ON with it, Lee Daniels!
Love & light, Carla

The Official Trailer for The Weinstein Company - Lee Daniels 'The Butler'

The Official Trailer for The Weinstein Company - Lee Daniels 'The Butler' 

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