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MoAD San Francisco, Wrap-up! Mayor Willie Brown, Wilkes Bashford, Moët Hennessy USA ~ What Does MoADSF Mean to You?

San Francisco is truly an amazing City.
Just think, the city is 59 miles in
circumference, and is so so rich in culture.

Former Mayor of SF, The Honorable Willie Brown, Pam Moore,
Fashion Icon Wilkes Bashford
There is nothing like a community of people that unite, stepping up to support an outstanding cultural expression in the heart of the downtown community, at the lovely,
Historic Palace Hotel, and I mean  in full force -  to support
the Museum of the African Diaspora San Francisco as they celebrate their 8th Anniversary. The Theme?
The World's Canvas. Moet Hennessy USA, a major sponsor, spoke of the history and their legacy of supporting African-American Arts and Culture. Hats of to
Moet Hennessy USA.

Honorees, Danny Glover & Alfre Woodard
(Drew Altizer Photography)
This year's Honorees were: Alfre Woodard
 (12 Years A Slave),
Danny Glover,(Louverture Films), and
Dr. Sandra Hernandez (The San Francisco Foundation).

Being a Native San Franciscan, it was truly a remarkable evening, running into old friends, and making new ones....

In my humble opinion, the heart of the matter was truly what the Museum of the African Diaspora meant to each of us personally. Of course I couldn't ask everyone, but I was able to ask a few of the 450+people attending the Gala Event  -

What does MoADsf mean to you?
Sandi Bethune - "My Heritage."

Italina Kirknis - "It represents History/Art/Education."

Mayor Willie Brown brought it home for so many, when he had a vision for a Museum that would be "inclusive" of all ethnic back grounds, highlighting the contributions made by people who are the descendants of Africa in America.Mayor Brown also spoke of his appreciation for the support of Moet Hennessy USA,

An excellent MC, Pam Moore, KRON 4 News,  looked absolutely fabulous! I swear, she hasn't aged a day since I moved to Southern, CA, 18 years ago!

What does MoADsf mean to you, Pam? She shared her thoughts with all of us, stating,
"When I'm driving  through the city, and I drive down Mission Street, and I see the collage of the face of the little girl that represents MoADsf, it makes me smile, knowing what's been accomplished  w/ MoADsf."

There were three women eloquently dressed in traditional African garments. Small wonder! They were from Ghana! What does MoADsf mean to you three Ladies?
Mabel, Gladys & Vivienne -
 "It speaks to our survival and represents the wonderful progress that has been made throughout the Diaspora."
Denise Bradley-Tyson, the first Executive Director of MoADsf, -  "MoADsf literally, Something connected to the African Diaspora."
Kimberly BrandonBrenda Wright, Deborah Santana,
Fashion Icon, Wilkes Bashford
(Drew Altizer Photography)
Philanthropist Joy Venturini Bianchi
(Drew Altizer Photography)

It was really good seeing Joy Venturini Bianchi on the Red Carpet @MoADsf Gala Event! Not only is Joy Venturini Bianchi a strong supporter of the Arts and Culture in San Francisco, she was also in Beverly Hills, the same week, supporting the grand opening of the Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts as well. 

Tommie Moon, Renel Brooks-Moon, Danny Glover, Wilkes Bashford, Eliane Cavallerio
(Drew Altizer Photography
Renel Brooks-Moon, what does MoADsf mean to you?
MoADsf moves me deeply. It represents generations of struggle and achievements, despite the adversity that we've gone through for years." Thank you, Renel. Very #powerful #words.

Do you want to talk about fabulous? Wilkes Bashford is truly a gentleman, charming, and very very stylish. Speaking of stylish, look at the photos of so many well dressed people.
San Franciscans do know how to dress for the occasion, Darling....
I promise, you, if you wish to revamp your style, please make an appointment with
 Sheree Chambers @Wilkes Bashford , this Lady sets the fashion trends....

Nicki Naylor, Alain Pinel Realtors & Sheree Chambers, Wilkes Bashford
- These 2 Ladies were so delightful to talk to about fashion and Travel!
(Drew Altizer Photography)

Sherri McMullen, McMullen Boutique &
 Lisa Blackwell - Fabulous!
(Drew Altizer Photography)
Carolyn Tyler, ABC7, Gary Love looked wonderful on the Red Carpet.
Carolyn interviewed Danny Glover  - for more details, go to
(Drew Altizer Photography)
Derrick Muhammad,Supervisor of  District 5, London Breed
It was really good to see Supervisor London Breed again!

Ledisi singing,"Higher Than This."
(Drew Altizer Photography)

Deborah Santana, Dr. Sandra Hernandez and Viviana Paredes truly were enjoying the evening. Mayor Willie Brown introduced Dr. Hernandez, who gave a very down to earth, compelling acceptance speech!
Deborah Santana made it a point to speak to everyone. 
Deborah Santana, Dr. Sandra Hernandez
 and Viviana  Paredes
(Drew Altizer Photography)

MoADsf not only educates those who walk through the doors physically, but also provides an educational platform via multi-media, so that everyone around the globe can visit MoADSF with the tap of an iPad, or a click of a mouse. Support the Arts. Support 
Remember, WE are only as strong as our weakest link. 
With love & light, Carla

Special Thanks to
 Michael DeFlorimonte, Michael D.Communications
and Cathy Adams, CDA Consulting Group.
Thank you Shiree Dyson, Curator of Public Programs MoADsf,
for always being a consummate professional
Gwen McKee, Office Manager for providing the best first impression of MoADsf
Kitsaun King, Moadsf, for taking a moment out of your busy schedule - at a moment's notice, to assist me. You are very kind.
Big thank you to the entire Staff @MoADsf
Photographs: Drew Altizer Photography
                 San Francisco Magazine - Drew Altizer Photography
Ledisi's vocal range is so beautiful, and she got the audience up on their feet and singing the lyrics to the songs that only Ledisi can bring to life, "Pieces off Me",
 "Higher Than This", and "Alright" and something from her new joint, "I Blame You" - GO Get it on itunes now!
 Keep on doing your thing, 

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