Friday, February 14, 2014

It's A Lover's Holiday! Happy Valentines Day!

Ohhhhhhh, Love. So sweet. Like fine Chocolate ~
Speaking of which, last Saturday, I had the pleasure of being in the company of
Dr. Bernard and Shirley Kinsey, on their 45th anniversary. I must tell you, it was truly a delight to to spend time around a couple that truly likes each other, respects each other and loves one another.

I've asked around and talked to 50 couples who were married a minimum of 25 years, and the secret to a very happy relationship seems to be this; you have to work at it, Honey Child!
Each person in each relationship is unique, but there are a few very necessary ingredients that are required in building a strong foundation; Mutual respect, trust, adoration and the need to compromise.

Dr. Bernard and Shirley Kinsey just celebrated their 45th anniversary, and I had the pleasure of being there
Dr. Bernard & Shirley Kinsey w/paintings by Artis Lane
Dr. Bernard Kinsey speaks so well of his other half,  "She is my sun light, the love of my life."
Shirley Kinsey is a very accomplished,
well spoken, brilliant woman with a zest for life! When you look into her eyes, you see light.
The joy of her life is her family,namely, their son, Vice- President of The Kinsey Collection,
Khalil Kinsey also known in the Hip Hop Industry as Business Mogul, Diz Gibran.

Learning to love someone truly is about finding out what it is that you can bring to the table, and then finding someone to build with.

Dr. Kinsey says, "Find someone to love.
Find something to do, and do it often."

Happy Anniversary and thank you Dr. Bernard and Shirley Kinsey, for showing the globe what love looks like.

Smooches, Carla
(Happy Birthday,  with love, Shirley Kinsey - Stevie Wonder style), 

 (Re-Post from 2.13.12. Happy 47th Anniversary Dr. Bernard & Shirley Kinsey! We can never forget the love you show the Community! Originally posted @ )

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