Sunday, February 16, 2014

PAFF.ORG & International Society of Black Latinos (, Featuring the Film Black and Cuba

PAFF.ORG, World Premiere of the film, "Black And Cuba"
"Quien es tu Abuela?" - "Who is your Grandmother?" That's the question that was answered this Sunday morning when MiddaySunday, Tony Valdez, had
Juanita Palacios-Sims, Founder, President of ISBL and Psychotherapist Melissa Shepherd,  ISBL.

The International Society of Black Latinos(ISBL) - Juanita Palacios- Sims, President, Founder, ISBL - collaborated with PAFF.ORG - Ayuko Babu, Executive Director, Founder,
Ayuko, Babu, Founder, Executive Director of PAFF.ORG, with
Robin J. Hayes, Director, Cinematographer of  "Black and Cuba",
Juanita Palacios-Sims, Founder, President of ISBL.  
Pan African Art & Film Festival, for a wonderful Meet & Greet and Film Premiere of the movie,
 Black and Cuba.

While watching the movie, Black and Cuba, at the Pan African Film Festival, I developed admiration for the students at Yale University.
To be isolated on a predominately Caucasian Campus, the students banded together for a common cause, which was intriguing... as they searched to find the revolution. I knew the Country of Cuba had race issues, but I did not understand the depth until one of the locals told his story of being stopped by police officers while walking down the street. His only crime was being black.
The commonality of two countries - worlds apart - brings up the question of freedom. In a Democratic and Communist society, both Cubans and African Americans are still in the middle of a struggle.
The film left me wanting to visit Cuba even more.
 (Black and Cuba, Runtime 82 minutes, Country, US, Directed by: Robin J. Hayes Cinematographer/ Editing by/Screenplay by Michelle Chang & Robin J. Hayes)
Thank you, Herb J. Wesson Jr., President, Los Angeles City Council,
Albert E. Lord III, Deputy, South East, LA City Council, and staff for such remarkable job!

Dawn Sutherland, Writer-At-Large, Angela Hoffman, Editor, Writer-At-Large 

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