Tuesday, March 18, 2014

10 Great Reasons to Love Being A Californian! 2014 - Ahem...Earthquakes INCLUDED

I am so glad to be a Native Californian. There are so many good things about our State, so I won't dwell on the negatives - only the positives. If you've just moved here- welcome!

I've decided to create a short list as to why I love being a Californian, and invite you to add to the list!

We are right on the Pacific Ocean, Proper - which means that we can hop in a car/jeep/bike or bus, and go from the Pacific Ocean, in the sunshine, through Fog,to the snow all in 1 Day! - For real!

NEWS FLASH: We just had an earthquake - magnitude 4.4 on the Richter Scale!
Watch as KTLA5  co-Anchor Chris Schauble and  co-Megan Henderson Rock with it!

Earthquakes are a fact of life - get over it - rock, sway and roll with it!

The Diversity of many many cultures, all culminating in the kitchen - which truly shows how we have so much more in common then differences. I mean, look at the varieties of  - Native American, American, African-American Soul Food (Traditional and the new healthier versions), Mexican, Chinese, Russian, Thai, Korean, Persian, Greek, Caribbean, and the list goes on and on!

We also have some of the best museums and Art Galleries.
Oh wait, yes, Silicone Valley!

So, to summarize things -
1) Pacific Ocean
2) Sunshine
3) Fresh Sea Food
4) Fresh Fruit & Veggies all year round
5) Fresh Air
6) Mountain views
7) The Diversity of Cultures
8) Snow is just a hop skip and jump away!
9) Art Galleries
10) Technology in abundance!

Earthquakes are a Natural reminder that we aren't in charge of nothing! Solution?

Pray and keep it moving!

What does your list read like? Let me know!

A California Girl,

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