Friday, March 7, 2014

Groundbreaking for the Dr. George W. Davis Senior Housing and Senior Center 2014

Mrs. Susie Tyner,
Mrs. Cathy Davis, MSW,
Executive Director, BHPMSS
Saturday, March 1, 2014,
Bayview Hunters Point Community showed up in support of the wonderful Groundbreaking for the
Dr. George W. Davis Senior Housing and Senior Center -
in conjunction with a fabulous celebration of Black Cuisine  Festival - w/ Mardi Gras Band in full Swing!

Mayor Ed. Lee, Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco was in the house!
Linda Fadeke Richardson, Chair Board Groundbreaking Committee,
warmly welcomed everyone.

Rev. Milton Williams opened with prayer.

Then everyone sang Lift Every Voice and Sing - Martin Luther
Michael Baines, Baines Group INC., General Contractor spoke enthusiastically regarding the current project,
mentioning the Honorable Mayor Willie L. Brown  - Who has played an important roll in making things happen in the city of San Francisco, for decades. The Honorable Mayor Brown, had an emergency, but was there in Spirit.

Michael Baines, Baines Group, INC.
General Contractor

The History/ Legacy of Dr. George W. Davis Lives On
Let me give you a little background on the significance of such an occasion.
You see, about 43 years ago, Dr. George W. Davis (1941-2010) opened up a place where Senior Citizens in the Bayview Hunters Point Area could go and feel safe and at home. Dr. George W. Davis had heart, and was passionate about preserving the dignity and pride of the Senior Citizens of the Bayview Hunters Point Community.
The people in the Bayview - Hunters Point Community knew that they could go to
Dr. George W. Davis with their issues and he would make sure that they were resolved, the best way that he could. He also helped the homeless and then he started the first Senior Ex-Offenders Program, the only program in the United States.
There are people in this world that truly believe in furthering a person's dream.
Cathy Davis, Executive Director, BHPMSS, wife of the late Dr. George W. Davis,
is a prime example of one of those people.

Mrs. Classie Kendrick,
Cathy Davis and her staff, wake daily, working tirelessly, to ensure that the legacy that Dr. George W. Davis lives on in the Bayview Hunters Point Community, making things happen!
Dozens of Senior Citizens that live in the Bayview Hunters Point Community, frequent the Bayview Hunters Point Multi-purpose Senior Services Center; So many will tell you that Cathy Davis is passionate about Senior Citizens, and was personally there for them, helping them resolve their issues, finding safe places for these Senior Citizens to call home.
The crowd dancing at the Black Cuisine Festival,
doing a line dance!

The Dignitaries

The Featured Speaker was the incomparable United States Congresswoman
Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader, U.S. House of Representatives.  With the full support of the San Francisco Community to the House of Representatives? Who could ask for anything more?
Brenda Wright, Senior Vice President and Community Relations Manager,
West Coast Region, Wells Fargo Bank was there as well - looking fabulous as usual!
Also on hand for this momentous event
was Dr. Arelious Walker, Board Chair, Bayview Hunters Point Multipurpose Senior Services, Inc.
Tony Salazar, President of West Coast Operations, McCormack Baron Salazar
The crowd went wild with excitement when
Rick Stevens  formerly of the group,
Tower of Power, took the stage!
Then we went on to the Black Culinary Event, which took place in front of the Dr. George W. Davis Senior Center on  1706 Yosemite St., in Bayview, to celebrate Black Cuisine, more specifically, Mardi Gras - Happy Phat Tuesday, Y'all! 

Rick Stevens,  formerly of the group,
Tower of Power

So many people in the San Francisco Community
came out to enjoy the Black Cuisine!

There Was An Abundance of Culinary Delights!

Assistant Chef, Kenny Rodgers threw down in the kitchen, he prepared ribs, chicken, ox tails, greens and more!
Big Mama's Cafe & Healthy Cuisine served it up proper!
Mrs. Classie Kendrick and Mrs. Chestene Mason prepared Chitlins and Mrs. Chestene Mason also prepared some screaming
Macaroni & Cheese for our "Kente Café"; Irene Norman prepared the
Sweet Potato Pies, and Mr. Harold Stewart prepared some excellent Banana Pudding!

What an amazingly wonderful groundbreaking ceremony for the Dr. George W. Davis Senior Housing and Center! How lovely it was to enjoy some delicious, soulful food @ Black Cuisine Event!
Hope to see you and your family there next year!

Bayview Hunters Point Multipurpose Senior Services, Inc.
McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.

General Contractors:
Nibbi/ Baines Group Inc.

David Baker Architects
Michael Willis Architects
Public Partners:
San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development
San Francisco Housing Authority
San Francisco Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure
California Department of Housing and Community Development
United States Department of housing and Urban
Development Choice Neighborhoods Initiative

Finance Partners:
Citi Community Capital
Wells Fargo Bank, NA
Wells Fargo Community Lending and Investment
To get in contact with Assistant Chef,  Kenny Rodgers -

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