Monday, August 31, 2015

Hurricane Katrina: Where Were You, When The News of the Hurricane Hit New Orleans, Louisiana?

It's been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina. So many things were going through my mind when I first turned on the news to see the catastrophic storm that hit
New Orleans, LA., August 23 - August 31, 2005. It was surreal,
watching so many people stranded on the roof tops of their homes. Helpless.
Spike Lee's documentary, 'When The Levees Broke' accurately summarized the tragic moments.  
Time magazine also covered the story very well. 
Spike Lee's  Documentary - When The Levees Broke (Parts I and II)

Spike Lee's - When The Levees Broke (Part III and IV)
R,I,P, all those whose lives were lost because of the storm and the broken levee. 
My condolences to the many families that were torn apart because of Hurricane Katrina.
Love & light,
P.S. Where was I when Hurricane Katrina hit? I was in Southern, CA, Dana Point, spending time with my Cousin Dorothy Sims, the woman that helped raise me. We felt utterly helpless be cause we could not do a thing to help all of the stranded people on the roof tops. So many residents of New Orleans, LA suffered - and it hurt to watch them suffer.
 Cousin Dorothy passed 11/2015.
R.I.P my Dear Cousin Dorothy.

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