Friday, June 16, 2017

Come Celebrate Juneteenth w/ BALA in Leimert Park - LA, CA - June 17-18, 2017!

Come learn more about American History and celebrate Juneteenth - the month that African American people, held in captivity, for 12 generations, enslaved in these United States of America, were emancipated (freed) in a document called The Emancipation Proclamation, signed by 
President Abraham Lincoln - the year? 1863 (January, 1). 

BUT the news didn't reach Texas until Juneteenth (historians are still debating over the actual date that the news reached Texas, so to be safe, we know that they got the news no sooner then June 13th, but no later then June 19th, thus the name, Juneteenth)1865.

Keep in mind, back then, there was no Facebook, SnapChat, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo, or Google, so news traveled slowly....Come, bring your family, and Celebrate our Freedom in the historic Leimert Park district, in Southern California.  You'll be glad that you got a chance to celebrate an integral part of American History -
 African American History.  
For more details, please contact Moza Mjasiri Cooper @ 

Check out the video of previous #BALA Juneteenth Festivals!
Come on out and feel the love!

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